IRL (I’m Ready, Love)

30 Minute-Sitcom

Logline: Genius hacker-Hawaiian shirt wearing Steph, tries desperately to get her perfect ex-girlfriend back by fighting her britishness and sarcastic inner twelve year old.

Quarter Finalist

Comedy Pilot

SPec: Grace and Frankie (Co-writer)

Logline: Frankie finds herself in trouble with the IRS and makes an impulsive decision that takes her relationship with Grace to a new level.


Mindfuck Project (Workig Title) (Co-Writer)

60 Minutes

Logline: Best girlfriends Amy and Danny pose as a married couple to break up a soon-to-be engage couple, to avoid spinsterhood.


I just want to be HAppy

60 minute anthology

Logline: Characters from different walks of life at their lowest point fight for their happy ending, even though it might look morally corrupt.

Episode 1: Unicorns: Sad Kathy finds happiness in the fame acquired by her brother, who’s in a coma. He’s the only survivor of a terrorist attack at the Santa Monica pier.

Tourette’s Dead

5 minute WEB SERIES

Logline: A girl suffering from Tourette’s is visited by her dead mother with the news that she has a sister. Mastering all her strength, she goes in pursuit of the only family she has left.

SPEC: Black Mirror

60 minute anthology

Logline: After finding the key to immortality, by creating the Amazon of medicine, depressed Steph tries to find the ways to commit suicide.


First days of ‘73

Historical spy drama

Logline: Michel and John, CIA agents, find themselves struggling to do the right thing on the verge of a 20 year dictatorship in Chile.