Sketching for the New Years

This New Year, Start Sketching!

It may be a nice resolution for New Years. Right behind, losing weight, drinking less and improving both my job and love life. 

Still for an artist sketching is an important part of fighting the fear of the blank page as well as a nice way to prepare new painting or just something that you like to do, just because...

For me sketching is both my meditation and the way I release an idea from my head and see if it works. 

So first, people sometimes get fancy and need their special notebook and don't get me wrong I love a new notebook as much as the next person, but here is the thing, I've made sketches from pieces of cloth and of course my lovely notebooks I carry around.


TIP 1:

So I guess what I am saying is that you should always have paper (or something) to sketch on. 

TIP 2: Every paper or something needs ink, for me my favorites are mechanical pencils with the thinnest led possible. As well as the hardest. HB 0,5mm is nice but even nicer is a H 0,5 mm Why? Well for once the softer the messier it gets and when your sketches are more architectural, like mine it can get quite dirty. 

Also an eraser that can clean up the mess that sometimes you make is my favorite friend. For me a pencil eraser is the best to get into the details. Also for the people like me out there that sketches things that are somewhat filled with details, you can cut like pieces and use those to get the effect you want. 

TIP 3:

Now what is your style and get the tools that will allow you to sketch the thing you are imagining. For me, I always loved blueprints and circuits. So most of my sketches have that connection of points and resemble both a building of some sort or a circuit. 

TIP 4: 

Sketch as much as you can, the more you sketch the more interesting your sketches get. Also they make a great feed for your Instagram That is why I walk around with either my Moleskine or my Field Notes Notebook, a pencil and at least one credit card that'll use as a ruler. 

TIP 5: 

Enjoy it. Sketching is suppose to be fun, relaxing and even silly, trust me I've made many silly sketches.