Here I made this...

Fear of showing ones work is one of te things I can surely relate to. 

Why show it?

Who do I think I artist?

Is it any good?

They'll hate it.

They won't be impressed.

They'll definitely judge me. I am NOT down with that.

Option one: Yield into the fear, trust me, nothing will change, but maybe for the moment you are find with that...Your cacoon is safe, but trust me people are still going to judge you. So might as well take a risk. 

Option two: You share, learn and grow from it. Not that one day it'll get easier, but you'll learn how to manage it. 

So here is a piece of my work. Check it out and if you really like it, then I'll make you a googly eyed animal, just email me.  Because I would love to share the things I love with like minded people. 

Have a great day! (or night)!