This is why it is more than just painting for me

Now you know why I stopped painting. But here is why I started again. 

By the way, my story is way longer than this. But here is a snippet.

But in short I am 27 and have done a 180 in my life, to be more precise, I am in the middle of it. 

I went to Business School and graduated faster than all my friends, not because I am smarter, but because I hated it the most. The only thing I liked about it was the fact that the university is in the middle of the mountains here in Chile. The view is just the most beautiful thing ever.

Then I went to start several business, like a software co, a shoe design co and so on. But the only thing I liked about it was that I got to be creative while making some money.

Still not the most fullfilling thing. I lived a life of no sleep, trapped in between my phone and my emails. Being efficient and assertive. But happiness was never a key factor that I took in consideration whilst considering my livelihood. Being busy is most of the time, the numbing element in order to forget about the issues that probably need taking care of in life. 

So after a couple of years of this constant nothingness I began therapy, the key question that pushed me into a canvas was, What did you love when you were a kid? Easy enough that weekend I went to buy paint, a canvas, and just began. 

At the end of the day art is the exploration of all the things that were numbed inside.