Why silly big eyed animals saved me

It is a bit personal, but if this helps someone then that is ok. 

I used to paint all the time since I was a kid, my parents encouraged every little idea we had as children. Me and my brothers have possibly tried everything in sports, from horse riding to playing the bongos. And no that is not a stretch I still have the bongos to prove it. 

I remember turning 7 or 8 and all I wanted was this to paint, canvas and paint. Guess what I got for my birthday... I got absolutely every thing you might need to paint. Things I would now consider #ArtPorn I got. But with this amazing gifts became the pressure to deliver the beautiful paintings that this gifts must produce. So I got to work and tries to paint what I thought my parents and everyone around me would find beautiful. So because I have never been good not liked the "beautiful stuff" I became very frustrated, so I stuck to being an amazing kid at school and getting all As and telling my parents that I was going to become a lawyer or a business woman. My parents were very happy that I chose such a fantastic future for myself. 

But what kept me happy during the boring days of Business School were my sketches that went from the silly big eye animals to my squares, lines and circles (Geometry was always my favourite).

So on a final note. Thanks to therapy I am back painting.